Orange Trupial

The orange trupial (Icterus icterus) on Bonaire has a striking appearence. The trupial is first recognized by its color: the body is mostly bright orange. The head, wings and tail are mostly black. Together with his loud sound this bird is recognizable at a great distance.

  Orange Trupial

The orange trupial is also called the Venezuelan troupial. That is no coincidence: the orange trupial is the national bird of Venezuela. The orange trupial can be found in this region like Venezuela, Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Colombia and Puerto Rico.


The trupial does not make its own nest. Instead, they use an existing abandoned nest. They can also take the place of an existing nest. They may eat any eggs or young nestlings remaining in the newly acquired nest. They breed from March to September and they will defend their nest fiercely.


The bird is certainly not shy and can be seen regularly. They mostly feed on insects and fruit.


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